KOPE journey begins with a dream that every travel should be accompanied with stylish travelling gears. We choose “KOPE” as our brand name as it is derived from the word “KOPER” or in English it means luggage. We want you to always remember KOPE in every journey you’ll take.

Our first invention is stylish, personalized, and customized luggage covers to ensure that each traveler could represent their personality and style. This is reflected by the freedom we give to you to choose from our vast collections in various categories. Even more, if you can’t find any catalogue that represent your style, you can be crazy in designing your own.

We use only the highest quality material for our product. It's thick, stretcheable, with the finest stitches. Your satisfaction is our priority, so it is our commitment to ensure the quality of our products.

Simple Guide

To wear our luggage cover

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